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Alchimia Graduation Show 2013


HUMANS WE ARE, graduation work of 11 third year students, headmaster Prof. Ruudt Peters
After a challenging year of hard working, difficulties and problems; my dear 10 classmates and I graduated with our contemporary jewellery!
Thursday 5 o clock was the grand opening of our graduation show HUMANS WE ARE in the Alchimia Gallery in frond of the school and we were proud to explain all the interested people about our work.

Humanwe are
What makes us human?We analyse, we process, we try, we fail, we try again, we develop, we change direction, we fail, we gather our strength again, we start all over.We look at things upside down gaining new perspectives.This is how we grow.Going through this cycle over an over makes us human.This is how we create, how we create jewellery.Using our experiences, thoughts, impressions, our life.

Many people does see a gap between themselves and the sometimes crazy ideas of artist!!!, but we wanted to show that artist are humans as well! In our exhibition we created a feeling of a home using furniture to display our jewellery, but we also gave it a twist to hang all upside down.

Before I will show all the graduation work I would like to say special thanks to Prof. Ruudt Peters, Doris Maninger and Lucia Massei who dedicated themselves to get the best out of everybody. Their great support during the year made our big progress possible!

In addition thanks to Prof. Doris Maninger who introduced everybody's work so nicely on the Alchimia Blog, which I used in my blog as well!
Let's have a look at everybody's work!

Koen Jacobs, dutch and the only boy in class had moved to Alchimia from the very technical and traditional school of Schonhooven. His work is a sign of his transformation as a maker and he has shown great  courage and has challenged his assumptions without holding back throughout the year.

Maria Sais Fluvia from Barcelona is the third student to participate in the exclusive dutch graduation show.
Her powerful work in leather and silver, product of the continuos stretching of the material shows her energy and dedication and the pieces are able to capture eye and  senses.

Chiara Cavallo, born in Rome, has also studied for three years in Alchimia after a BA in industrial design. She has produced a very poetical body of work deploying a wide range of materials and techniques.

Enrica Prazzoli was the fourth Italian in this class and also her graduation project as Lavinia’s is really difficult to present in its actual quality through the photos in our possession.
Several agendas were fighting for attention in her ambitious “Spoon” project: the concept of “ospite”,
the notion of imperfection and the link to social rituals. 
Her work is rich and well executed, but no actual jewellery resulted from it, her spoons plastic spoons with just very subtle interventions, cast in silver.

Hana Choi, from Corea worked on the notion of incommunicability, developing pieces with an extremely strong almost talismanic presence. Through painstaking effort she developed and refined both the objects in all their details and the technique required to make them. These groups, families or even genealogies of UFOs convince and attract in their rich colour palette and refined details.

The work of Anna Drexel is about borders (individual and social) which we all need to set and about their interference in the life of each individual. In this way her pieces are really interactive, she sets these borders and the owner can decide to break them or not. 
The pieces are wearable in their original state or in the broken one, and some pieces as a ring and a bracelet have to be broken in order to become wearable.

Francesca Urciuoli is from Perugia, italy and she has studied at Alchimia for three years. Her excellent work during this year was awarded with the Alchimia Prize.
Francesca’s work is based on her very personal history and her great achievement is to have put it in a wider context resulting in rich and evocative pieces.

The Austrian Lena Grabher worked on the concept of memory and data conservation. Her pieces made of audio tape and silver are abstract and elegant and she has reached a really high level of execution. She has also been chosen for the Marzee Graduation Show in Nijmegen.

Ioanna Natsikou from Athens has created a series of necklaces based on photographs of her own body. The result is seductive and sensual and she has been chosen for the Marzee graduation show in August in Holland.

Lavinia Rossetti – her project I-denti-ty is at the same time humorous and impactful. She did a great job in caring well about all aspects of her work from packaging to presentation and catalogue.
Unfortunately the photos do not show the actual quality of her presentation. Her delicate bracelets (but they can also be worn as brooches) are real bites and the smile of real people has been the source of each of them.

Nur Terun worked with cards (the usal pokercards in commerce everywhere) glueing them together in stacks and then slicing them again in thin layers.
The conceptual coherence of this project, resolved in all its different aspects – the material development, the presentation and the publication is all the more commendable because it led to a result which is not immediately visually appealing, but weaves a subtle charm once observed in its entity.

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