zaterdag 16 augustus 2014

Sieraad Art Fair 2013

Alchimia Crop 13
After our graduation show at school, we presented our work at Joya Art Jewellery Fair in Barcelona and the final exhibition at Sieraad Art Fair in Amsterdam, which was a great success!

First of all thanks to Alchimia who made this fair possible and to Sam Hamilton, the curator of our stand. Her fantastic idea was to present our jewellery in a new funny way on top of flower pots, presenting the graduation work as the new crop of 2013!
Last but not least specially thanks to Doris Maninger for her great job building up the fair together with me and presenting the work of all the students during the fair with such enthusiasm!
Building up our stand took allot of time, but we were so happy with the result! Using the flower pots is funny, original and it is referring to Florence as well!

Enrica Prazzoli, Ioanna Natsikou, Koen Jacobs, Doris Maninger

A quickly picture moment of our great team who presented Alchimia Crop 13. Our stand was located directly at the beginning of the fair, so we attracted allot of interested people. For some of them it was quiet a challenge to have a closer look at the jewellery pieces, because they had to kneel down, but overall the people were very enthusiastic about this original presentation and that was giving us allot of satisfaction!

The fair was a fantastic experience to me! It was very interesting to explain the work of myself and my classmates to new people and to get their feedback. Throughout the year we were working at school on our projects in a kind of safe surrounding of people who know you, so it was great to hear the first impression of the visitors of the fair.
During the 4 days of the fair I met also a lot of interested Dutch students who wanted to know everything about Alchimia and contemporary jewellery and it was a pleasure to me to explain everything.
Overall the fair was a big success and it gave me allot of satisfaction!
Thanks to all the interested people who I met at the fair.

Koen Jacobs

Enrica Prazzoli
Hana Choi

Maria Sais Fluvia

Lavinia Rossetti
Ioanna Natsikou

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