vrijdag 5 september 2014

Terhi Tolvanen - Reinventing Nature

I visited Reinventing Nature, a very beautiful exhibition presenting the jewellery of Terhi Tolvanen. This exhibition was a part of the Natuurkracht exhibition in CODA museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands. The jewellery was presented in square and rectangular transparant boxes on a long organic wooden table in the shape of wooden tree branch. 

Terhi Tolvanen was born in Helsinki, Finland and the relation of nature and humans is playing a key role in her work. This special exhibition was giving an overview of all the contemporary jewellery she made in the past 15 years.

The jewellery of Terhi Tolvanen is presenting the beauty of inflorescences and processes of growth. A lot of her work find it's origins in fragments of branches. The capriciousness of this material and nature in general, gives her jewellery their tension and rugged strength.

As I'm also very interested in the relationship between humans and nature, I really enjoyed this exhibition. The jewellery of Terhi Tolvanen has an interesting combination of organic materials combined with metal and gemstones. The details were beautiful to look at, as well the interesting new ways of stones settings. Like the example above, were it looks like if the stones are melting together with the necklace.

Interesting to see was the relation ship between nature and "the human touch". Like the piece above were you can recognize wooden branches grown in natural shapes, but arranged in a unnatural way.

Overall I love the work of Terhi Tolvanen. She is presenting the commonly used theme of nature in a contemporary way and combined her concepts with a technical perfection and I, as a perfectionist, could see her eye for details as well!

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