donderdag 18 september 2014

Workshop with Yep Wiersma - part I

Yeb Wiersma is a visual artist who will take us four times into the city of Amsterdam for an interesting workshop! Today we started 2 am at Tetterode building in the city centre. In the past it was a fabric, but nowadays an art residence with allot of studios. Yeb was introducing her workshop in one of the studios with a cold lemonade on this warm day!
After that we all took a chair into the elevator up to the roof of the building. In Amsterdam there are not so many public buildings which you can climb for a view, so it was very exciting that we got this opportunity!

We were very lucky today with the beautiful clear sunny weather, 26 degrees, so we could look very far away. The views were incredible, to see the mixture of old and new buildings, the canal houses from above and all the traffic which is passing by.
First we started exercising with the chairs we brought. We were sitting in different positions and Yeb was making pictures. It was a strange feeling sitting on the chair, placed half true the railing of the building and with my legs dangling over the abyss!

After that we all got a piece of paper and the assignment was to close your eyes and listen to all the noise around you. On the paper we had to draw and write everything you heard. 
I find a spot on the edge of the building, closed my eys and I tried to distinguish all the different sounds. I could hear all the different sounds of the traffic on the street, an airplane flying above, people talking, the sound of ticking hammers and so on... 

The fourth session of the workshop we will do all together a performance on the street. Today we made groups of 3 people and together we were thinking of 6 movements we could do. I was funny to think of the movements on top of the building. After some practice we presented our movements to the group. Because of the perspective it looked sometimes if people where standing very close to the abyss, but appearances are deceptive!
At the end of the day we biked to the buddhist temple in Amsterdam to experience the city more close by and ended up sitting with a cold drink on a terrace. Yeb was giving us a small quote from the scientist Isaac Newton:

"How to describe the relationship between
a body and the forces acting upon it,
and its motion in response to said forces"

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