dinsdag 7 oktober 2014

Link Necklace

For the lessons of Jantje we had to investigate a material you're interested in and I choose pigments. I followed the pigment on metal course of Lucia Massei at Alchimia and from that time on I became highly interested in this beautiful material which exist in amazing colors. I did more research about all the features of pigments and the next lesson we got the new assignment: make a link necklace from the material you choose!
I was shocked since my material isn't really a material. To make something out of it, you have to mix it at least with something like glue, so making a necklace will be quit a challenge!! But I will dive into it!

My goal for the assignment was to stay as close as possible to the original pigment colors. I started my research first in mixing the pigment with very strong two component glue, which made it possible for me to keep the beautiful pigment look. The only problem I had was the price of the glue which is quit expensive. Finishing one package, I made just a small link necklace!
I decided to buy a small handout with recipes for homemade paint and crayons. 

I bought all the ingredients for making pastel crayons. First of all I had to make the special glue, which has to stay at least 24 hours in the fridge. In the meantime I did some tryouts combing pigments with clay. 
The next day I started making first some pastel crayons. The glue were I mixed the pigments with was kind of weird to work with, a bit like treacle. I expected the substance to become a kind of clay, but it was not at all what I expected. It was only possible to make very simple shapes.

I decided to try another recipe to make wax crayons. I melted two different types of wax together and mixed it with pigments. Than I casted the wax in water and I played with the temperature of the water and the distance from where I casted the wax. The temperature of the water was influencing allot the outcome and I tried to get grip on it. I was very happy with the organic shapes which I created, but tryouts to make a link necklace out of it didn't succeed. In the water there is all the time a short moment that you can change the shape a bit and in the end I could link two different shapes together.

Another tryout was making shapes from acrylic paint. I didn't had all the ingredients to make acrylic paint myself, so I mixed pigments with acrylic paint. It was easy to make them, the only problem was the sustainability. After a night they were cracking. I quit this research since the colors were far away form the pigment look.

At school they advise me to try transparent silicone. This material is horrible to work with, but I was happy with the result. First I did some tryouts were I find out how to create the pigment look. Silicone is taking over the pattern form the underground and that was also something interesting I could experiment with. Finally I created this blew link necklace from silicone and ultramarine pigment. An interesting feature of silicone is, that it is still a bit elastic. Afterwords I had to use allot of varnish to fix the pigment on top of the silicone.

During the lesson with Jantje we discussed the outcome of all our experiments. It's always interesting to see and hear what everybody tried. I got the comment that I did a good diverse research. The necklace has the beautiful ultramarine pigment color, but is quit traditional in the way how the elements are connected. But they could understand the difficulty of my material, I had to investigate first of all how to make a real material out of it! As as part of the assignment we had to make a self portret of yourself wearing the necklace.
 The link necklace assignment was also linked to the technical class with Pieter. First we made some brass wire and then we started experimenting. The idea is to start bending the wire without thinking too much. I made already a technical complicated link necklace at the jewellery school in Schoonhoven, so I tried to do something different this time. My idea was to create a necklace which looks like built up from repeating shapes, but actually all the parts are different.

Since I'm highly interested in colors and I don't like the plain brass look, I decided to experiment coloring metal. I tried different methods like coloring with acrylic paint and spray paint. In the end I decided to spray the necklace in two different orange colors. The closure is impossible to find, if not marked, so this spot is colored light orange!
It was an interesting period researching the link necklace and working with pigments.
Up to then next assignment!

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