donderdag 16 oktober 2014

Pronkstukken Jewellery Exhibition

Today I visited a beautiful jewellery exhibition named: Pronkstukken, in 'Gorcums Museum'', Netherlands. The exhibition is giving a beautiful overview of about 50 contemporary jewellery artist and designers. "Choice of Gorcum" is a part of the exhibition were 25 citizens of Gorinchem were asked to make a selection of Jewellery in Gallery Marzee in Nijmegen. This concept "the choise of..." does exist already for a while in collaboration with gallery Marzee, doing some research on internet. I really liked the combination of the jewellery pieces and the pictures made during a photo-shoot in studio ziezo. In the museum you could buy a book about all the selected jewellery and there were also some older books on display from previous exhibitions in the Netherlands about "the choise of..". The pictures of this edition were far the best, because the more artistic look. The lighting, clothes and poses were very well done, in compare to the more snapshot pictures from previous editions. Jewellery comes alive when you wear them, so the pictures were a nice addition. Only the lighting was not so good in the museum... but over all an wonderful visit!
Barbara Paganin - necklace, Reef - 1998

Vera Siemund - necklace - 1999

Su Kroker - necklace, Alcyonaria - 1996

Miriam Verbeek -  necklace, IJsschotsen - 2014

Ela Bauer -  Necklace, Inhale (left) Exhale (right) - 2012

Gésine Hackenberg - necklace and object

Peter Hoogenboom - necklace, Clay Feet - 2011

Ruudt Peters - necklace, Hei Sha - 2013

Ralph Bakker - necklace - 2011

Carmen Hauser - necklace, L'Ouverture - 2005

Julie Mollenhauer - necklace - 1993

Nina Sajet - necklace, Klokhuiscollier - 2013
Ineke Heerkens - necklace, Weelderig Land - 2011

Francesco Pavan - necklace - 1998

Felieke van der Leest, (left in the front) bracelet, Prairie Pioneer  - 2012
                                                     (left in the back) necklace, Streepjes Beest - 2003
                                                     (right) bracelet Streepjes Beest - 2003
Carla Nuis - necklace - 2008 
Antje Bräuer - necklace, Knot II - 2014

(I'm sorry I forgot to make a note of the artist)

Christine Matthias - brooches - 2005

Andrea Wippermann - necklace, Vier Frösche - 2001

Tore Svensson - (left) Nestingbox (right) Building - 2005

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