donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Workshop with Yep Wiersma - part III

Thirds session of the workshop with Yep Wiersma!!! We started at the historical building of Castrum Peregrini Foundation, were we did a tour true the old apartment of the artist Gisele D’Ailly. Her apartment was once a hiding place during the second world war to take in German-Jewish students and teachers from the Quackerschool in Eerde. Art and poetry were key to the survival of the group of young hiders. After the war the house became a meeting point for artists, writers and thinkers. At the end of the tour we visited the gallery space with a contemporary art exhibition. Special is the selection, because all the works on display are linked to topics related to the rich history of the building. 
Stunning views from a different angle on the beautiful Amsterdam Canal houses

The cosy living room of the house. The apartment of Gisele looks still inhabited, with all the furniture, books, letters, pictures present. Later on she was able to buy the whole house and the last years of her life she stayed in the top floor apartment. 

The apartment was really small, but still enough space for a small library with a high collection of books

View from above of the Herengracht canal
During the privet tour we got an explanation about all the history of the Castrum Peregrini house and foundation. This piano is empty from the inside and it was a hiding place for a boy during WOII. We could have a look inside and it's really small. The other one could hide in a hollow space in between this apartment and the one above.

At the end of the day we biked to the Smaragd Group, a group of refugees, whom with help of the WE ARE HERE Movement have shelter in a church, until further notice. Very impressive to see their situation and to hear their stories. 
Woman were cooking dinner, some man were playing games and true the window we saw a woman learning how to bike. We visited the inside of the church which was the bedroom for the men now and in a smaller room the woman were sleeping. In the corridor there was a washing machine running,  There was light and gas to cook, but over all it was very cold.
Today Yep brought us to a historical and modern hiding place. Very impressive and interesting to hear the story of the refugees, because their situation is much more difficult than I thought. 

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